I’m a Mum – again!

So I have been on a bit of a hiatus and I’d like to do a quick update! I’m a Mum – again!

The end of my second pregnancy was a tough one and looking after an almost-2-year-old gave it an extra obstacle. Then, 4 days before I was due, my little girl came racing into this world (the day before her big sister’s 2nd Birthday I might add!).

Alexandria (“Alex”) is now 2.5 weeks old and doing extremely well. Life has gotten crazier and I’m looking forward to when myself and my girls can fall back into a [new] routine but for now, I am 100% mum-ing life. Which is not a bad thing, as my working Visa is still processing (with an unknown completion date). So hopefully when things have settled down a bit more, I will be able to get cracking properly with work related shenanigans again!

In the mean time, if you would like to discuss a project you have planned for the future with me, I welcome you to send me a message via my contact page. I’d love to chat about it with you!

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