Brainstorming with my audience

Earth Day 2016 Happy Earth Day everyone!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming for Pixel Nourish. I’ve come to realise my little freelance business is beginning to head in a new (and exciting!) direction from where it was just 12 months ago. I can’t go into too much specifics, as the paperwork for my visa is still being sorted (and therefore, the road is long and windy), but needless to say, I’m a little bit excited!

I’m considering shifting from my focus being on agency and client work 95% of the time, moving to both digital and physical goods and – therefore – making Pixel Nourish a lot more well known (for lack of better term) online.

It’s almost as daunting as making that initial leap from a safe, steady full-time job to going 100% freelance work!

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I have lots of my own ideas so far; I am just hoping to continue the flow of ideas coming!

So for those that are currently around – be it previous clients, fellow colleagues, agencies I’ve worked with or customers who have purchased my digital goods in the past; what is something that would help you that you couldn’t pass up if it were a freebie?