2013 Pixel Nourish update

2013 Update

Merry belated Christmas, happy belated new year and all of that! I hope that everybody’s 2013 is going super!
This post is a bit delayed; I had hoped to complete it a few weeks ago, but this year – like most lately – is going by extremely quickly!

Wanted to give everybody a quick update on Pixel Nourish as of January 7th this year. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have taken up a full-time position within North Sydney (roughly 1.5hrs away from where I am now) doing front-end development (with minor design work). More specifically I am working on websites built in Business Catalyst. It’s fantastic to be learning something new within the industry and great to be out meeting some new people.

As you may or may not have noticed, this has caused my activity on social media, my website and via the Envato marketplaces to dwindle. I have spent the last 6-ish weeks as some time to process my new routine and have been allowing myself a bit of a break from freelance work (and processing the issues that occurred).

However, I am now making steps to start part-time freelancing once again! So if you would like my assistance on a project, or want to discuss a new adventure you are considering, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email responses are obviously out of business hours, but I will endeavour to respond to inquiries as soon as possible.

So I do hope I can continue to be active and have some new things to show you all that I’m working on!