2012 New Year's Resolutions

2012 Resolutions

Wow, 2012. I am a little awestruck that it’s already the next leap-year.

I generally make myself resolutions at the start of a new year. This year I have decided that if I share them online, I might be able to keep them a bit better (Not that I’m one for being horrible at keeping resolutions!). So, wish me luck!

1. Lose 23kgs (roughly 50lbs) before December 31st.

Yes, very cliché, but the procrastination has to stop and I have a secret weapon. My boyfriend. We’re losing weight together, and keeping each other motivated and in check. It’s been a week so far, and I’ve already lost 2kgs 🙂


2. Get money flowing into our savings again

2011 was a very rough year on us, and we had to eat into a lot of reserve money. The start of this year has been a bit tough too, but once this rough patch is past, we hope to get the savings account happy again.


3. Pending #2, have saved up enough money to consider a location for buying a house

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about buying a house this year. But if we can get our savings issue under control, I want to be in a position where we can consider where we would like to live (ie: What state/suburb(/country I guess!)).
I would love to get into a place we can call our own, but it just isn’t feasible yet 🙁


4. Get more items up on Envato

Pretty self explanatory, but I have minimum amounts I want to achieve too:

  • ThemeForest: 2 files (in any category) – so 1 per 6 months avg
  • CodeCanyon: 3 files (in any category) – so 1 per 4 months avg
  • GraphicRiver: 4 files (in any category) – so 1 per 3 months avg
  • PhotoDune: 24 files (GOOD ones, unique ones. Not necessarily sets) – so 2 per month avg

I am envious of people successfully using Envato as passive income, and for the longest time I have wanted to get on the bandwagon. Since my freelancing picked up in May last year, whenever I’ve had time to do work, it hasn’t been for files for sale.
I’m hoping to be able to change that. This relies a little on #2 as well, as I hope to be able to take some time off (2 weeks for example) and focus solely on digital works for sale.

I’d also love to be able to sell my own things, but I want to just take one step at a time 😉


5. Make time to work on personal projects

Again, this is reliant on #2, but I would adore some short stints of time off to work on my own projects. I would make certain that this would not be intended for things like Envato, but if it could be re-hashed for sale, then all the better.
I have a fair few websites that I have lined up (and have been lined up for a long time) which I would work on. So even just a few days to focus on these would be wonderful. And are very much needed.


6. Take one holiday somewhere

Josh and I haven’t had a holiday together. Ever. We’re a young couple (been together for 10 years, this August), so the start of our relationship was in our teens, when we sort of couldn’t go on a holiday. Then we supported each other through further education for a total of 5 years, so we’ve missed out on that sort of thing.

I don’t care if it’s within Australia, I really want to get away for a period of time, just with him, and relax 🙂


7. Improve my skills in the “boring” part of freelancing

This includes (but not limited to) bookkeeping, numbers-in-general, dealing with clients, looking for new work leads and organising email.

I’ve sort of been “winging it” a bit, and so far I think I’ve done alright. I’m considering changing my time keeping/invoicing system at the end of the financial year (June 30th for those non-Australians), as my current one, Subernova, doesn’t do certain things I’d like it to do.

That’s it! There are minor things that I would like to do by the end of the year, but they’re a nice-to-do, rather than something I want to do.

So tell me – do you ‘do’ new year resolutions? If so, what are yours this year?