Icons, icons, icons!

I can’t hide it – I love icons. I haven’t actually attempted to make them myself, but I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I find a fantastic set of pixel-perfect 16, 24, 32 or 48 square pictures.

Because of this love of icons, I have literally thousands of icons I have collected over the past 12-ish-months. So I thought I might make my own list of icons that I have found useful, or just plain lovely.

Nearly 100 small icons for free use in your projects.

I found these icons awhile back, and they are simply gorgeous. I love sets that have dozens of the same style, so when I come across one with 100+, I’m always pumped to get them and find a new home in a website for them.

Introducing 100+ ridiculously rad social networking icons, skillfully hand-hewn and lovingly crafted for you

Everyone uses social media. Yes – I’m generalising, as I’m sure people who don’t, won’t end up finding this post anyway*.

But this set has so many different social media platforms in it, it is fantastic. When they released Evernote and Dribbble icons, I was just smitten.

Once by Delacro

Although only a few dozen icons and in one size, the colours, style and extra finishing touches on these make them beautiful!

This file contains 35 icons that are associated with hot springs in Japan. If you haven’t stayed in a Japanese-style inn, you may be unfamiliar with these designs, but they’re familiar to Japanese. Elaborate, detailed, unique icons drawn in 128×128-pixel format will make your desktop delightful.

Again, I am excited to find a project where these can come in handy, but I love the attention to detail and the perspective on them is great.

At GraphicRiver we love icons! So to celebrate the Redesign of the Envato Marketplaces we asked kickass icon designers Turbomilk to make a special icon set to give away absolutely, completely one hundred percent free!

I have used these in the past, as they are cute and are a different take on the usual icons from the logos. They are a little dated now, as they are missing CodeCanyon and 3DOcean, but still a great set.

2,926 icons are included in PNG format (16×16 pixels) + bonus.

Yes that’s right, 2,926 icons in this set. They are pixel perfect, cover absolutely everything you might ever need an icon for, and they are designed so you can overlay the smaller icons to make even more icons!

Weekly delicious new icon designer’s/artist’s tools… directly from my desk, hehe

These are used on my current website design! I also have plans to use more of these as my website expands and evolves.

Designed and carefully optimized for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone & iPad apps, they’re also perfect for Android apps, websites, t-shirts, tattoos and more.

Sometimes I just want basic, simply icons. These were actually, originally black, but they’re so easy to just add a new colour to, that I can’t wait to find a project that cries for their simplicity.

We bet you’ve never seen the planets and satellites depicted with such accuracy and reliability.

How awesome are these icons?! I have no idea what I will use these for, but in 64×64 and 128×128, they are highly detailed and will definitely find a place (possibly on a ThemeForest file!)

I’ve yet to find a project to use these, but omgosh they’re so adorable!If you have a link for these, please get in touch.

This is just a small sample of some of my favourite icons. There are so many talented, and giving people out there, who make these tiny works of art, and I just wanted to give a small taste of some of the lovely icons I’ve come across.

Got some icons that you’ve come across that you absolutely adore? I would LOVE to see them, so drop me a comment with a link to them!

*Prove me wrong!