Micro Services

Great projects, less digging in your pocket

But my project’s budget isn’t very much…

Sometimes you just want something simple. Or your budget isn’t very giving. Or possibly the project you have in mind is just starting out.

Here, you can find services from Pixel Nourish that can be purchased through 3rd party websites. These services vary in type and complexity, but they are all guaranteed to be completed at the same quality level as any other projects completed by Pixel Nourish.

Need more information?

  • Quality

    Worried about the quality of the work you will receive? Don’t fret. All delivered final files/projects will be subject to personal scrutiny and all third party websites have systems in place that help you get what you’re looking for.

  • Input

    You aren’t receiving a template of your product, you are getting a personalised project. See the services’ descriptions for further information.

  • Delivery

    Delivered on time, within the allocated (if any) revisions. Always. Systems are in place to assist with the process in case you aren’t satisfied.

  • Satisfaction

    If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the final product of the process, there are robust dispute resolution processes in place that keep you protected. But I’m certain I can assist in the perfect final product!