Kate – the pixel nourisher

Hi! I’m Kate: A freelance web designer/developer & photographer (AKA: Pixel Nourish) who has a secret crush on modern architecture, sweets, modern calligraphy, pretty nails and pastel colours.

I enjoy web design and web development, photography, living vicariously through other people’s holiday pictures, catching up on TV shows, drawing (despite not being very good at it anymore) and nicely indented code.
After doing TAFE technically as a “mature adult”, I have throughly enjoyed seeing the online world in a new light, and being able to critique & quietly scoff at others’ websites. Both creatively and semantically. I also throughly enjoy scaling my browser-of-choice to see if sites are responsive or not.

My future goals and aspirations are the usual: to become a better designer, developer, photographer and to always learn new things. I don’t want to ever stop learning, even if it causes information to leak out of my ears. Or something to that effect.

I have recently moved from the Melbourne area, Victoria, Australia to Orange County, CA, USA with my husband, Josh and our daughters, Charlie & Alex.

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Tools of the Trade

  • Photoshop

  • Sublime Text 3

  • Illustrator

  • Digital SLR

  • Sketch Pad

Pixel Nourish was born from the love of an empty canvas and a clean, crisp CSS stylesheet.

Kate Anderson (nee. Payton) founded Pixel Nourish in 2010, to deliver creativity and modernity to those who need it. Whether enhancing the pixels in a photo or spacing content on a web page, Kate has been nourishing pixels since the age of 12.