Pixel Nourish is 6!

May 1st marks the day that Pixel Nourish was ‘born’! Happy 6th Birthday to my little solo business.

Tell me more!

Back in 2010, I started to figure out a true identity for myself as a freelance web designer, developer & photographer. I simply went by ‘Kate Graphic Design‘ prior and I felt that sort of limited my potential to expand to other fields, as well as not give myself a real personalised identity. Despite it including my name 🙂

After an agonisingly long period of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over what to call myself, it clicked.

It’s been one hell of a trip thus far. In the past 2 years it’s had to take a bit of a backseat (for obvious reasons!) but I have big plans for the future and I cannot wait to share them with you. And for my working visa to be organised!

In the meantime, I invite you to follow along with updates either on this blog, or via your favourite social media outlet. I’ve included my Facebook page, but there’s also other places such as Twitter & Google+ if you are so inclined! Either way; Happy 6th Birthday, Pixel Nourish!