I think you’re pretty cool.

…But I’m sure you know that you are.

What has the gal behind Pixel Nourish been up to since the new year?

Since our flights in very-late-2015 where we took everything important to us to the United States to live, we’ve found a lovely rental property in a beautiful neighbourhood in San Diego, we’ve re-furnished – on a budget! – figured out the nuances between Australia and the USA, been questioned if we’re actually from England based on our accents, Charlie’s met some of her online baby friends, I’ve gotten homesick on occasion (San Diego is very similar to Melbourne though, so that helps!), tried numerous classically-America food and progressed with being pregnant with baby #2.

I’ve also been keeping up – when possible! – with behind-the-scenes things in preparation of kick starting Pixel Nourish in the states. I just have to get my working visa organised and things will be legal and official

One major thing I wanted to complete was an overhaul of the WordPress theme I was using. I’m a fan of using pre-made themes, as I struggle enough as it is to design my own website (It’s never perfect!), and one client I worked with in the past had used a theme from ThemeForest called Enfold – as per my recommendation. I saw the benefit of it before even getting my hands dirty in it!

So I got my own licence and got stuck in. It’ll be a work in process for a while still, but I’m a lot happier with how I can work with my website now.

Let me know what you think of the new site! It’s very similar, as I didn’t want to go drastically different straight away, so hopefully it isn’t too confusing for previous visitors!