#PNPAD – December 2015

So I made myself a few New Year resolutions last year and one of them was to take a picture a day for the whole year. The idea is to try and sum up something that happened during the day, from my eye-level of my feet. It’s been tough sometimes to get a shot from that angle that will work, but the small challenge has been welcoming. It’s all saved through Instagram, and it was also fed to my Tumblr blog.

#PNPAD - December 2015

Here’s my most popular (through Instagram likes + comments) shot this month [21st]!

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I found the missing supportive shoe of her pair she owns from the move and once I put them her, she wanted to practice standing and walking (with assistance).

I hope you have enjoyed this journey through 2015 with me. It went up and down regarding what our future looked like, but it’s been exciting!