Moved back to Victoria

I’ve moved… back to Victoria!

So it’s been a whirlwind 6 months again. I haven’t had any time to write any posts because I’ve moved back to Melbourne with Josh for business!

In late April Josh was offered a dream position and we made all the arrangements to trundle back down to Victoria a few weeks later before he was scheduled to start. It’s been hectic, but awesome!

So my living situation has been insane and I’ve barely had time to scratch my head let alone keep my blog and social media updated.
I’ve also been a busy bee plowing through some client work I’ve had the pleasure of developing, where I’m actually learning how to code a template for Shopify! It’s been awesome to do, albeit a bit scary! I’m lucky to have such awesome clients who are willing to allow me to learn new things though.

So we’re hoping we don’t have to move interstate again in 12 months time and we can get settled with the help of family and friends back into the crazy Melbourne weather.

I’m currently working remotely for the BC company up in NSW. I’m so grateful they’ve been so understanding at my shocking news last month. It’s been great working alongside Morris again. He’s very good company, despite being a bit clingy sometimes.

Now that things are looking to start settling down again and my projects are coming to a close, I’m hoping to become more focused on my own projects, which will include re-learning how to knit and trying other craft stuff.
Any tips or inspiration you might have, send it through! My Crafts and DIY Pinterest boards are looking pretty awesome and could always do with more pins!

Of course, if you have any projects in mind that you’d like my feedback on, please do contact me. I’m always happy to talk new business!