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Kate is Pixel Nourish; a freelance web designer & developer located in the Melbourne area of Australia.

I have a love for all things pretty and functional. My specialities include WordPress, agency work as a front-end developer and designer, photography (both events and stock imagery) and logo design.

If you’ve just decided to start your own business, wish to expand your existing business or want to bring me on for contract work, please do contact me. I would be very happy to hear from you.
I can also be found on OneFlare for further information.


Sarah Hayden - Jeanswest

Kate very quickly picked up the Jeanswest brand, creative, look & feel and was very obviously experienced working with different web and mobile CMS and CRM/EDM platforms. She was fast, efficient, had great attention to detail and skilled at development. As a plus she was a pleasure to work with.

Chris Smyth - Pretty

Kate’s ability to take a project from concept to completion is quite exceptional, as is her ability to maintain quality relationships with key stakeholders. I can recommend Kate as an awesome web developer with great design skills, who is someone you can present a project, and have faith it will come back correct, on time & on budget.

Mark Sheppard - Membraine Studios

In addition to bringing a deep knowledge of her craft and its tools, Kate meshed well with the team and always met her deadlines. She is a pleasure to work with, and the exceptional quality of her work speaks for itself. I could not be happier with all she has done for membraine studios, and I recommend her highly. I very much look forward to working with her again.

David McLaughlin - Freestyln

We have worked with Kate in a freelance capacity for almost two years now and she brings a great mix of design, tech know-how and client management skills to the table – which is often quite hard to find. A pleasure to deal with and always a deliverer of top quality work. Highly recommended.

Marc Clancy - Navy Design

Because Kate has a keen design eye herself you know the front end development work she produces will be almost identical to the artwork you give her. A rare trait in the industry but something I think all good production people should have.

Adam Morris - Thick

We hired Kate to help out with some pretty heavy and complex front-end development. Her work was of the highest standard, completed with diligence and accuracy. Her eye for design is an excellent asset and means that pixel-perfection is achieved without having to sit over her shoulder. I can highly recommend Kate for front-end development or interface design work at any level.

Brett Chaney - DTDigital

Kate was a key front-end developer on the client services team and over her time at DT her responsibility grew dramatically which did not faze her.
Kate worked on many projects and showed herself to be a great multi-tasker. Her skill-set grew a lot during her time at DT but that is mostly a reflection on her tenacity to learn and build up her web dev/design skills in her spare time.


Tight budget? Want something simple? Need a site you can manage on your own? Or a website that can expand as your business does? No problem.

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Agency Work

Working with both designers, back-end developers and fellow front-end developers, I am able to jump in and work with a variety of teams to achieve premium results.

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Stock, portrait, wedding and general photography. Enjoy capturing candid photos of events and cermonies. Work digitally, but love me some old-school film.

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Other Services

EDM design/dev, logo design, website maintenance, consultancy… You tell me what you’re looking for.

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